Import, Export, Sales of Frozen Mutton 6 Way Cut Supplier

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Are you interested in Fresh or Frozen Mutton 6 Way Cut   Supplier ? Chile Foods Suppliers specialize in the distribution of high quality Fresh and Frozen Mutton 6 Way Cut Supplier . We obtain and produce the Mutton  from Europe, Asia, America, Australia. When we produce the products base on international standards. We also take care of global export.

We also do private branding. Chile Foods sources premium quality Wholesale Frozen Mutton originating from Chile. Our products and brands is well known in many parts of the world. The products meet the food services quality standard.

Fish: Frozen Mutton
Type: Fresh/Frozen
Origin: Chile
Processing type: IQF / BQF
Packaging: IWP (Individual Wrap Package) | Bulk | Interleaf | Carton Boxes
Certification: BRC | HACCP | ISF

We deliver Fresh and Frozen Mutton to small and large businesses in various food sectors such as:

wholesale suppliers.
wholesale distributors.
direct consumers.

For more inquiries , Please do not hesitate to contact us.