At Chile Food Suppliers, We specialize in wholesale of frozen Pork meat parts . We handle the import and export of all types of frozen pork, including sow and suckling piglets, pork chops, processed meats made from pigs, and swine offal.
We ship our pork goods to Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Vietnam, Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. Worldwide shipping to any port, to put it briefly.
The majority of our suppliers of frozen Pork meat operate from HACCP-certified production facilities, frequently with BRC approval. We provide goods and services to our importers in the wholesale, retail, restaurant, and industry sectors of the food supply chain.
To satisfy customer needs, packaging sizes can be customized for wholesale and retail uses.

Pork bacon
Frozen pork chops
Frozen pork carcass
Frozen pork spareribs
Frozen pork sausages
Frozen pork Offals
Frozen pork collar
Frozen pork loin
Frozen pork front feet / trotter
Frozen pork hind feet
Frozen Pork Injected
Frozen pork riblet
Frozen pork shoulder ham
Frozen pork Cooked Ham
Frozen pork leg
Frozen pork belly
Frozen pork head

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