What we do

Food Trading

Since 1981 Chile Food supply stands as a well-established international food company. The company has been specialized in the supply of Fast and Moving Consummer goods. With Our head office based in Santiago – Chile with provide direct Port shipment to various parts of the world.

Chile stands as a world know country for the supply and distribution of best quality products. With the aim to protect the quality and effective distribution of products from Chile, Chile Food supplier was created.

Today, We are a leading company in Chile with over million of Exports yearly with various defferent food sectors.

We can always guarantee that our Pork, Beef, Chicken, Duck, Milk etc arrived on your tables as fresh and tasty as it was when it left our farm gates.

Today, we supply products in the following sectors:

– Fish

– Flavoured Milk

– Fruit

– Meat (Frozen Pork, Frozen Beef, Frozen sheep).

– Dairy products (Milk, Cheese)

– Pottatoe products

– Poultry (Chicken, Duck)

– Vegetables


With a truely worldwide perspective, we source products in the main production areas of Asia and the middle east, North & South America, Africa, Australia and Europe.  Our main product groups are poultry, pork, beef, fish, French fries, vegetables, and dairy.


Our aim is to provide customers with all their products at short notice and to be one of the leading food supplier in the world.

Nore to that , we provide services such as:


Supplies to retailers, food distributors, wholesalers, importers, and even to manufacturers

We source quality products from major production plants worldwide.

Local knowledge allied with global spread

Long-term relationships

Food-chain safety

Efficient transportation worldwide

Chile Food supply Scales flexibility

Allowing customers and suppliers to fulfill their requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.